This campaign is intended to represent the ongoing missions and adventures of a PC guild. Tim wondered what it would be like to bring the concept of fantasy league baseball or similar team management systems into the D&D pen-and-paper world. After a year of mentioning it back and forth every month or so, we decided to give it a shot. The idea is this: generate a stable of PCs, randomly generated to represent the upper 10% of the population, and treat them like a football team, with different characters having different specialties. Jobs will come up for the guild from time to time, and the guildmaster (Tim) must figure out how best to staff those jobs with the characters at hand.

It sounds simple, but we are generating a ruleset for handling long-term injury, we are working on economics for the guild, and I have to come up with a whole slew of interesting and challenging missions for these guys to go on. Personally, I think it sounds great.

We have figured out how to seed the characters randomly, we have picked our sources (Core Rules plus Complete series of sourcebooks), and we have generated our first batch of recruits along with a great guildmaster.

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The Guild